When I was a young girl my mom used to make ramen with grilled cheese. As I grew older I took to eating the cooked noodles with a small can of tomato sauce. I still eat them that way for the most part. I like diced tomatoes over the top sometimes with seasonings or ‘cheese’ when I can afford it. It’s quick and easy to make.

I also put it in my stir fry. Lately I have been buying the giant box from Aldi’s. The packets aren’t vegan so I generally use them for the noodles to add to other things. I have yet to figure out something to do with all the seasoning packets though. I have those things everywhere.

I was going to list a bunch of links to places with ramen recipes but that’s quite overwhelming and I trust you know how to use google anyways. So I’ll post links to the ones I actually think I want to try to make. Good reference for later.

Recipe links!

Imperial veggie ramen

Bok choy ramen

Asian noodle salad with ramen

Grilled ramen (and friends!)

Ramen vegetable soup

Ramen with stir-fried spinach


But this… This disturbs me a bit.

Poutine ramen